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About me

MarkX is........

A Self-Confessed Photo’holic

Why Choose Photography?

I didn’t choose photography, I feel photography chose me!

My Motto

In my eyes, a photograph is an otherwise fleeting moment eternalised.

Capturing ‘moments’ is always on my mind, and I’m never happier than when shooting.

Why Choose Me?

Throughout life my parents always preached to me “Son, you never get anywhere without hard

work and dedication”. However tired I got of hearing this, it always stuck with me.

And this especially shows true to my photography ambitions.

My Goal

In this for the long term, I just couldn’t imagine life without a camera to hand.

Always improving, and loving every minute of my journey to become an ever better image maker.

My Promise  -

Is simple, I endeavour to; Never make a promise I cannot keep, and if I promise to deliver, deliver!

Fun Fact; Having enjoyed a brief modelling career, (Many moons ago) I know first-hand how it feels to be in front of the camera,

and how important clear/concise communication is between photographer and subject.

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